Within the field of cyber security, penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of a system, sometimes put under the umbrella of ethical hacking. There’s a number of certifications for ethical hacking, however none is perhaps as well known as the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Proffesinal) certificate.

For those familiar with OSCP, it is common knowledge that it is a very difficult exam, lasting a total of 24 hours with the goal being to compromise as much of the lab environment as possible, with many people not passing the first attempt.

Right now I feel fairly confident in my ability to be able to pass the exam my first attempt. I have a tendency to be able to quickly pick up new skillsets, typically faster than my peers. In the past practical exams I’ve excelled at, largely finishing them way before the time limit.

While I’m not as familiar with penetration testing as I am with general computer topics, I feel well prepared, and am greatly looking forwarded to the learning experience, and the new skills that I will gain as a result of taking this course.

I don’t start the course for another 2 weeks, so I wanted to write down my thoughts and feelings before I started to see how they change throughout the course. I’ll rate my feelings on a scale of 1->10 and see how this changes throughout the course.

Preparedness: 6/10

Confidence: 9/10

Pass at first attempt: 9/10