Welcome to my homelab blog series, in which I’ll be covering an overview of what a homelab is, how I came to get interested in them, and an evolving journal of my current homelab, and my journey for a mini-sized datacenter in my house capable of supporting production grade services.

Better Internet Security And Privacy Through DNS

Overview DNS is a key component of modern day technology. Whether you are running a homelab, or simply browsing the internet, DNS will play a crucial role in how you use many internet protocols. It is however often overlooked when setting up a custom network, or when exploring different methods of using the internet in a way that affords you better privacy, and reduces the ability for tech companies, and governments to track your internet usage.
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An Introduction To Home Labs

Overview When I was in college for computer systems administration, one of my instructors mentioned that the best way to become familiar with technology, and be a proficient systems administrator, was having a homelab. The homelab allows you to get your hands dirty with real technology in ways similar to on the job experience, but without the pressure about of accidentally taking down a mission critical system. It’s also a great environment for trying out new technologies, and staying up to date on existing ones.
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